Anthony Treu


Principal - Healthcare Practice Leader

New York


Anthony is driven by the conviction that architecture has the power to fundamentally change the way we experience healthcare. Recognizing that hospitals are often the site of some of life’s most dramatic moments, he believes that the designer should enhance the wellbeing of patients, elevate the clinical workplace of providers, and build inspiring facilities that are integrated with the community.

Anthony is inspired by the clients he works with every day—every one of whom seeks to make healthcare better. He helps them discover a path toward reinventing their delivery model, and the resulting design rethinks the status quo. Rather than designing a great waiting room, for example, he questions whether there should be a waiting room at all. Instead of forcing patients to bounce between multiple floors to receive care, his projects find ways to bring the care to the patient. At the core of this work is a drive to simplify the problems that patients and providers experience, and to design elegant solutions that make a profound difference in people’s lives.

Reinventing healthcare means working with our clients to fundamentally reimagine how care could be delivered. By working together, we can discover meaningful and often surprising solutions for patients, providers, and society at large.

Selected Work