Our expertise in facade design is unmatched. Building on decades of innovation—from the groundbreaking glass curtain wall of New York’s Lever House in 1952, to recent innovations which advance a holistic sustainability strategy—SOM has an unparalleled track record of setting industry benchmarks.


Our approach goes beyond the surface

Bringing together our interdisciplinary expertise—in physics, material science, construction, and the art of composition—we tailor each facade to the local climate, aiming to meet and exceed performance requirements and aesthetic design aspirations.

Throughout the design phase, we develop facade concepts for efficiency and performance. Our technical experts work out every detail—accounting for thermal transfer, energy efficiency, air infiltration, moisture management, structural integrity, acoustics, life safety, and comfort. We test solutions with a focus on constructability, and we document the design to make the construction process seamless.

Great facade design means balancing a range of visual and performance criteria to find a holistic solution. It is at this intersection—of aesthetics, materials, construction, and many other factors—where design and technology, art and science become architecture.

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