Eric Long

Eric Long


Structural Engineering Partner

San Francisco

Eric Long

Eric Long incorporates innovative concepts to drive new solutions in building design and construction. He advances projects through close collaboration with everyone involved – clients, contractors, and consulting specialists – in pursuit of truly integrated, unified designs. Eric maintains this focus throughout the entire process, from the development of the structural concept through construction.

We’re never really coordinating disparate parts; we seek a singular big idea that leads to ease of execution. We target constructability and bring our collaborators into the process early on, largely because it enriches the design – you dive deeper together.

Eric’s broad project experience includes work in regions of high seismicity around the world at all scales, from tall towers to museums, embassies, retrofits and works of art. Eric has successfully incorporated innovative and technologically advanced structural applications into the design of these projects including seismic base-isolation, long-span cable structures, heavy timber, and performance-based seismic design.

Eric frequently lectures on a wide variety of topics including the application of advanced technology in design, seismic performance and resiliency, and the unique design solutions of individual projects. He also teaches an integrated architectural studio class, focusing on the creative collaboration of architecture and structural engineering, with students from Stanford University; University of California, Berkeley; California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo; and California College for the Arts.

Selected Work