Michelle Hatton


Associate Principal - Interiors Lead

San Francisco

A detail-focused designer, Michelle crafts spaces that support her clients’ work, enhance their culture, and strengthen their brand. She works from a belief that thoughtful design can create deeper connections between people and their environment, while also bringing out the best in organizations.

Design starts with listening. We want to understand each user’s functional needs, but also their aspirations. Our goal is to create places where everyone can thrive.

Michelle’s outlook is shaped by her experience living and working in different cities around the world. Having grown up in South Africa before moving to the United States—first to Houston, and later to San Francisco—she enjoys exploring varied cultures while contributing her own perspective. In her design career, she has embraced the opportunity to work with many different industries, including technology companies, law firms, and financial service firms. Throughout these experiences, she has cultivated an ability to listen to her clients and help them explore the full potential of their projects.

Michelle’s work strikes a balance between being fresh and forward-thinking, while providing a longevity that will serve its users well into the future.

Selected Work