Alan Lewis


Landscape + Ecology Practice Leader

Los Angeles


Alan Lewis has concentrated on the design and construction of large-scale projects for public and private clients for more than 30 years. As the Open Space Practice Leader within SOM’s City Design Practice, he brings a unique set of skills, fusing architecture and sustainability with urban design and landscape architecture. Much of his work focuses on improving the public realm in both urban and more natural environments while addressing integrated flood management, urban resiliency, and the role of open space and landscape systems in response to climate change.

Alan has provided leadership and expertise on numerous high-profile and award-winning projects, including the Baietan Urban Design Master Plan in Guangzhou, the San Jose Water Pollution Control Plant Master Plan, the Green Dragon Park in Nanjing, the Ribbon Park in the city of Jinan, and the Yellow River Ecological Landscape Forest Levee Park. In the design of public environments, Lewis aims to reinforce cultural and social connections between a place and its history, integrate destination programs and activities to promote pedestrian and ecological vitality, and maintain a working process with client and community stakeholders to build consensus and keep projects moving forward.

Selected Work