Nicolas Medrano


Principal - Design

Hong Kong


Nic Medrano begins his design process with a deep exploration of the local context and culture surrounding each project and site. He is inspired by the density of the cities he works in across Asia, and by the challenge of designing large-scale, mixed-use developments that enhance both the environment and the human experience. Many of his projects, such as 8 Shenton Way and Guoco Tower in Singapore and Nihonbashi 2-Chome in Tokyo, include tall buildings that remake city centers by bringing public spaces, nature, and transit connections to some of the world’s densest neighborhoods. In 2022, after spending 15 years in SOM’s New York studio, Nic transitioned to the Hong Kong office to spearhead the practice’s growth in the Asia-Pacific region.

We want our work to reflect its place and identity. Many of the cities in the Asia-Pacific region are hyper-dense and interconnected, and we try to find ways to enrich and complement those urban fabrics with sustainable, intelligent nature-based solutions.

As the design leader for SOM’s Hong Kong studio, Nic is responsible for transformative projects across Asia, including Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, the Philippines and Hong Kong. He is advancing SOM’s climate action goals in the region by applying cutting-edge sustainability strategies—from advocating for smart density and “15-minute city” designs, to reducing carbon footprints through new construction technologies and the use of regenerative materials.

Selected Work